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  • The Destination Club

    The Destination Club

    Get rewarded for booking! For every third booking you make with The Destination Lounge we'll offer you something free to say 'thanks' – could be an airport lounge or parking, maybe Read More
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Destination Club FAQs

  • Does my booking qualify for a booking reward?

    Once you have signed up as a member, we'll keep track of each booking you make with The Destination Lounge. When you make your third booking you can claim a little reward to add something extra to your booking - it could be an airport lounge, or airpoirt parking, or a bottle of champers in your room when you arrive at your destination. 

    To qualify, your bookings must be over £500 in total cost. The reward you can claim will have a maximum value of £50.

  • How can I check how many qualifying bookings I have accrued?

    Just ask a member of our team and they'll look it up for you! Alternatively you can drop us an email (details on our contact us page).

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    We'll be sorry to see you go, but all you need to do to cancel your membership is email the team with your name and address so we can cancel your membership and club benefits.

  • How do I claim high street vouchers?

    Members can claim £10 in high street vouchers when they refer a new client to us. All you need to do is tell your friend/family/colleague to say that you sent them when they make an enquiry with our team.

    When they confirm their booking with us we'll email you to ask for your preference in high street voucher.

  • How do I claim my booking rewards?

    Bookings made from the time you sign up to be a member of our Destinations Club qualify towards our booking rewards scheme.

    For every 3rd booking you make as a member of our Destinations Club you will receive a reward – please note any bookings made before becoming a Destinations Club member will not count towards your number of qualifying bookings.

    When you think you've made your 3rd booking, mention it to one of the team and we will contact you about your reward.

  • Is it free to join?

    Yes...joining our Destinations Club is completely free, and it's easy to join. Simply fill in the form on our website or pop into one of the branches and ask one of the team.

  • My partner is already a member, do I need to sign up as well?

    Yes, if you are both members then you can both benefit from our Destinations Club. In order to accrue booking reward points quicker, make sure the lead name on the booking is the same each time you book.

  • What do I do if I'm not receiving club email communications?

    We don't send out lots of club emails as we don't want our Destination Club members to feel like they're being deluged with information. However if you didn't give us your email when you signed up, or if you're not getting anything with our club logo on it, drop us an email or speak to a member of the team and we'll sort it out for you!

  • What events does my membership allow me into?

    We regularly hold events with our Destinations Club in mind. For example the Destination Evenings that we run - tickets costs £15 unless you are a member of our Destinations Club, then the ticket price is £10.

    Take a look here for the forthcoming events we are running.

  • What if my partner is the lead name on our booking and isn't a member, but I am?

    Get your partner to sign up and with their permission we can transfer the points.

  • Which high street vouchers can I claim when I make referral?

    The choice is yours...

    The £10 gift voucher that you will receive for making a referral can be for the shop of your choice - Fancy a little M&S? WHSmith? iTunes? Amazon? Just let us know and as long as we can source it then it's yours - if for any reason your first choice is unavailable then will come back to you for a second choice!

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DClub-LogoDestinations Club Application

All you have to do to become a member is fill out the form below.

(You can fill one out in our branches too!)

Membership is individual, so fill out one form per person. We'll send out a welcome letter and club luggage tags once your application has been accepted.

You will be added to our e-newsletter list so we can keep in touch with various Club offers and events, but you can unsubscribe from those at any time via the link on the newsletters.

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Terms & Conditions: By completing this application you agree to comply with the terms of the Destinations Club. Your membership and qualifying bookings begin from the date received. Membership is individual and qualifying bookings are based on the Lead passenger only. Membership can be revoked by the directors of Big Blue Marble ltd t/a The Destination Lounge at any time. You must be 16 or over to be a member.